2. Methods

We surveyed our relatives during Chinese New Year and anyone online to get an accurate result. There were about 30 respondents. We then combined these results into a pie chart on the Results page. 

These are the questions that we asked for our surveys:

1. Do you own a car?
2. What type of car do you own? (if ans to Q1 is yes)
3. How often do you drive?
4. Do you at times substitute driving with taking a bus or an MRT?
5. Do you take a taxi often? (if ans to Q1 is no)
6. How often do you go overseas?
7. Do you mostly go by plane, boat or others?

Firstly, we posted them on FaceBook as we thought a public survey would not work.  We garnered next to no answers besides Michael with 5. Then, we left it on for another week, but since it didn't work, we went on and surveyed our relatives during Chinese New Year. Then, we got a viable number of results to work with.

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