4. Discussions

From the survey, we garnered answers that many people prefered personal transport over public transport. They also preferred travelling overseas by plane, which they do about once a week. The type of cars by fuel consumption that they use are varying and very few only use Public Transport unless they really have to i.e. Their car broke down, Fluffpocalypse. Thus, we found out that the results proved that cars are a very heavy contributor in the Carbon Footprint.

We looked at several solutions to this issue, and we found out that, the best solution is on a personal level. For example, one can use bio-fuel, despite slightly more expensive, can easily save the earth by not using precious fossil fuels. One can also take public transport, provided they have the time, to save money and precious mother nature. Best of all, one can cycle, resulting in absolutely no use in petrol whatsoever, and very rarely oil for cleaning. This will lead to a great reduction of the Carbon Footprint left by us, Singaporeans through driving, Saving Mother Nature.

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